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Clients Testimony

Client Name: Shadmaan Shaikh

Client Niche: Facebook Ads Agency for Coaches

Before working with us: Invested in tons of other coaches & was highly skeptical about investing in our coaching program to get results but knew he was struggling and needed to make a change

After working with us: Because of the 1:1 accountability support & Coaching calls, not only gave him confidence but also a proven action plan which on implementation helped him close is first High Ticket Deal of $1,500 and make recurring $1-2k per monthvia the OCA 90 Days Program

Client Name: Chandrakant Barot

Client Niche: Digital Marketing Agency

Before working with us: Working as a Radio Engineer, unclear with niche & a clear strategy to get clients consistently so that he can focus on his business full time & spend more time with his family

After working with us: Got crystal clear with his niche & marketing message & after executing it consistently, made almost 5 Lakhs INR in the OCA 90 days Coaching Program working part-time.

Client Name: Akil Mohammad

Client Niche: Organic Marketing for Coaches

Before working with us: Looking for a proven Organic System to Get more appointments Organically

After working with us: Gave Niche Clarity & Closed over 3 Lakhs in the OCA 90 Days Coaching Program days purely from Organic Marketing Strategies

Client Name: Shashank Singh

Client Niche: Copywriting Agency

Before working with us: Was going through a phase of getting only low ticket clients who were giving him sleepless nights that was making him not more than $500/m

After working with us: Gave him the exact guidance on how to craft a high ticket offer & follow a consistent content marketing strategy to get inbound high ticket clients organically that he loves working with now & made a total of 2 Lakhs in the OCA 90 Days Coaching Program

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