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We Hire, Train, Place & Manage a Fully Trained Appointment Setter or Team For You

  • Are you tired of manually doing organic outreach via Cold Emailing, IG/FB/Linkedin DM, etc & looking to outsource it to an expert team who can potentially get better results using proven systems?
  • Are you an agency owner, coach, or consultant charging a high ticket ($2,000+) for your offer but unable to find the right audience who can afford it?
  • Are you spending too much on ads and seeing very little to no results at all or don't have the budget right now to run ads & want to scale your agency or coaching business organically but are not sure how?

Then, you've come to the right place...

Here's How We Predictably Generate a Calender Full of Appointments for your Agency or Coaching Business


Add the right connections daily on your Facebook or Linkedin Profile. This will by default market yourself online. Having more friends + Having more reach = Many opportunities to find high-ticket clients.


1 Daily Post On Your Social Media Profile consistently for 1 year will ensure you never have money problems. It's crucial that you share your message with the world as you never know whom you end up impacting.


Have Daily Conversations with your dream clients is important if you are looking to sell your high-ticket services. We build genuine relationships with them via 1:1 chat for long-term success


Once we start to build relationships, we take that discussion forward by inviting them to schedule an appointment after pitching our core offer. We also send them the link to the appointment and follow up to ensure they show up


Once the appointment is completed, we ensure to add them to the CRM and follow up with them so that they make the payment to us. This is so important as not everyone signs up asap and without followups, we lose out on 80% of the business


Finally, we help you convert over 40-50% of the clients over the phone via our Closing Scripts so that it can not only get you a positive ROI but also help you scale to consistent $10-20k months in your business and grow asap

Who Is Ankit Modi?

My name is Ankit & I'm the co-founder of Six Figure Consulting, an appointment setting agency that specializes in helping agencies and coaches scale to $10-20k months and eventually Six Figure Per Year.

We've been in the Digital marketing & Appointment Setting Space for the last 5 years & have worked with over 200+ clients and helped them achieve collectively a total revenue of over $100k so far via our inbound + outbound digital marketing strategies.

But Wait, Who Is This DFY Appointment Setting Service Exactly For?

This DFY Service Is For You If:

  • You’re an Agency Owner or a Coach who already has a proven validated offer & have at least 3-5 case studies

  • You're currently manually generating appointments by yourself and are looking to outsource it to a team

  • You believe in taking exceptional action and working on your business daily

  • You're charging High Ticket for your Offer (at least $2k+) & can close deals over the phone
  • You're looking to focus on consistent content production & creating a strong backend infrastructure

But This is NOT For You If:

  • You're just starting out as an Agency Owner or a Coach

  • Your Offer is not proven yet and you do not have any case studies
  • You haven't generated a single appointment yourself & are just looking to outsource it to us to figure out everything

  • You're not ready to scale your business to the next level & are still in the experimentation phase
  • You're not consistent with your content or communication on social media as you're still figuring out yourself

Here's Exactly what you get when you Work With Us:

Onboarding Call (Total Value $97)

A 1:1 Onboarding call to help you get started on the right track with the service asap

$10-20k / month Strategy & System Setup ($997 Value)

Let's map out the exact strategy that can help scale to consistent $10-20k months

Dedicated Appointment Setter ($497 Value)

Get a dedicated appointment setter working 6-8 hours from M-F with daily reporting

Access to Membership Site ($497 Value)

Get Resources to help you improve your Offer, Organic Marketing, Closing, etc

CRM & Leads Management ($297 Value)

Get Leads sheet & DFY CRM System to ensure we generate max appointments

Dedicated Slack Support ($497 Value)

Get Daily Updates on private slack on new appointments & reports automatically

Here's the Transformation You Get:

So simply put, We’re going to strategize exactly how we can scale to consistent $10-20k months for your agency or coaching business by setting up your organic outreach systems, SOPs, and frameworks using powerful organic outreach strategies on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Cold Emailing.

Hear are some of the results my clients have got

Meet Our Team

  • My Team & I personally have worked with 7-figure coaches(who are generating over $700k/m to 1MIL+ ) & learn directly from them how to scale your business whilst taking care of your health, family & personal time.
  • Our Team is highly skilled in the Appointment Setting Space and all have at least 1 year or more practical experience in DM Appointment Setting and Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, managing complex CRMs (GHL, etc), have the know-how of all the latest tools, and are efficient in timely communication

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a completely beginner in digital marketing & online business. Will your Service still work?

Unfortunately No. This DFY Service is specially designed to help agencies and coaches already at $3-5k months scale to $10-20k months using our proven Organic Outreach Systems & Highly Trained Appointment Setters

2. Why Should I Hire You when I can get Dedicated VA's for $4-5/hr?

Great Question. The difference in hiring a VA on your own is that you'll still have to manage them on a daily basis and provide them scripts, work with them to improve their performance, etc which will distract you from your core revenue-generating activity of content production, sales closing and delivery

3. How many years of Experience do you have & how many appointments have you generated?

I have a total of 8+ years of experience working in the digital marketing industry & have personally generated over $30k in a less than 2 years from my agency & have generated over 500+ appointments so far

4. Do I have to train these setters or will you handle that?

Nope. The best part about this service is that we hire, train and place a dedicated appointment setter for your coaching business or agency and even manage their work performance on a daily basis so that you can focus on Income Producing Activities

5. Are these Appointment Setters Good in communicating English?

Yes. All our team members speak fluent English and also install extensions like Grammarly to avoid grammar issues or speaking broken English

6. Does your Service guarantee results?

Absolutely. Our Service guarantees atleast 2X ROI or 15 appointments using FB, IG & Linkedin whichever comes first at the end of the minimum contract period of 2 months or we work for free for at least 60 Days for Free. This means you will not lose your investment with us.

7. I already am making over $10k & looking to scale to $20k+ now. Will your Service still help?

You bet. This service contains complete DFY Setup of systems, strategies and resources to help you scale to consistent $20k months as well

8. Do you offer Refunds?

Unfortunately, since this service is designed to generate results, we do not offer any refunds once payment is processed. That way, your mindset is 100% committed to working with us and not back out later on.

9. When will the Service Start?

Immediately as soon as you make your investment, we will start your service & hop on an onboarding call where we will give you an intro to our system. It will take another 3-5 business days for us to complete the setting up of Scripts, and SOPs, hiring the setter, and training them. By the 5th or 7th Day, we will start the service post which your billing cycle starts.

10. How do you charge?

While we can create a tailored offer for you based on your requirements, our minimum service starts from $1,200 / m + 5-10% commissions on a minimum 2 months contract where we guarantee at least 15 appointments / m or 2X ROI or we work for free for at least 60 days until either is achieved.

Looking for More Results? Here you go

Still here? Well, you have 2 options...

Option 1 (Hire Us):

Book a call with me to learn more about our DFY Appointment Setting Service and get your questions answered. If eligible, you can decide & take your agency or service business to the next level by hiring us over the phone.

Option 2 (Do It Yourself):

You could decide to leave this page and go back to doing everything by yourself. You can’t succeed in your business without systems and teams in place Instead, you’ll just be going backward with emotional stress and doubts at the same time...

So just go ahead & book a No-Pressure Call with me & let's discuss more.

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